Super 73 Scout S1 Electic Bicycle

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The Super 73 Scout e-bike is a city cruiser for the future; or
Load the Super 73 Scout e-bike on the camper for a day of exploring.

Electric Bicycle – eBike

The Super 73® Scout S1 is a high performance, long range-electric motorbike. With no license or registration needed, this bike has an average battery range of 55 to 64 kilometres (35-40 miles) to the charge. Ride comfortably at 32 k/h and safely with our 20″x4″ fat tires.

Comes in Black or White!

Fun to Ride – 32 Smiles per Hour

The Super 73 Scout e-bike is an awsome urban cruiser for the future.

Super 73 Scout S1 makes riding a bike Fun!

It’s so easy, anyone can ride.

Super 73 S1 – Very Quick, Fun To Ride

Love this eBike! Yes, you will.

  • Super Smooth Ride
  • Ride It Anywhere
  • Electric Bike – No License
  • Worry Free Charging
  • 32 km/hr (20 mph)
  • 64 km per charge (40 mile range)

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